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Flower-Visiting Insects Ensure Coffee Yield and Quality Flower-Visiting Insects Ensure Coffee Yield and Quality

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Coffea arabica L.

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Background: The participation of insects in the pollination of self-pollinating plants, such as coffee, is still controversial. This study determined the effect of flower-visiting insects on coffee berry set, yield, and quality. (2) Methods: Over 2 years, five evaluations in different locations, dates, and harvest times were carried out. Each evaluation consisted of eight treatments with 50 replicates each, arranged in a completely randomized experimental design. Treatments were established to identify the contribution of insects, wind, gravity, self-pollination, and cross-pollination to coffee yield and quality. (3) Results: The insects contributed 16.3% of the berry set, 26.9% of the berry coffee yield, and 30.6% of the weight of supremo-type beans. No differences were observed in the sensory quality of coffee produced with or without insects. For stigma receptivity, results indicate that there is a 6.3% probability of self-pollination during pre-anthesis. (4) Conclusions: The species Coffea arabica, despite being a self-pollinating plant, benefits from the presence of flower-visiting insects. During anthesis, arabica coffee flowers are ready for cross-pollination.

Gómez, J. H., Benavides, P., Maldonado, J. D., Jaramillo, J., Acevedo, F. E., & Gil, Z. N. (2023). Flower-Visiting Insects Ensure Coffee Yield and Quality. Agriculture, 13(7), 1392.

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